How Does the Duration of my Marriage Affect the Outcome of my Divorce?

Marriage is a wonderful thing, though it’s not always easy. That’s why so many people in our country get divorced. However, the volume of divorce does not make it any easier for individuals who are currently going through the process. Unfortunately, when couples do not agree on certain issues in marriage, they will rarely agree on the terms of their divorce.

When this happens, a divorce will very often enter litigation, which is a process many people dread. The litigation process opens each spouse’s assets up to equitable distribution, which essentially means that the courts will divvy your assets as they see fit. While New Jersey courts seek to mitigate the financial damage a divorce can have on both parties, spouses will oftentimes feel as though they did not get a fair shake.

There is a system in place, with rough guidelines that courts should follow when determining the outcome of a divorce, however, they take each divorce on a case-by-case basis, meaning every situation is different, and the court recognizes as much. Courts take child custody terms, both you and your spouse’s age and health, your yearly income, and more into consideration. However, New Jersey courts will also factor in the duration of your marriage when making their decision. Please read on to learn more about how the duration of your marriage comes into play:

Can the length of my marriage determine who gets the house?

If you are a financially dependent spouse and have been married for 10 years or more, it is considered a long-term marriage. Financially dependent spouses in long-term marriages will very often be awarded more marital property than the financially independent spouse to help offset the financial instability brought about by divorce.

Will the duration of my marriage affect alimony payments?

Generally, as a financially dependent spouse, the longer the duration of your marriage, the longer you will receive spousal support payments. On the flip side, if you were involved in a short-term marriage, your alimony payments may only extend for a short period of time, especially if you and your spouse were both employed throughout the duration of your marriage. If you need a compassionate team of attorneys who are ready to fight for your rights, look no further. We are here to help.

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