Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

Divorce is the most difficult thing any couple has to endure. However, it can be all the more challenging if the couple cannot agree on its terms. When a couple disagrees on the terms of their divorce, the divorce will enter the litigation process. This is almost always trouble. During the litigation process, both spouse’s assets are subjected to equitable distribution.

Equitable distribution is the process by which your marital assets will be divvied. Unfortunately, as you may know, the term “equitable” rarely means “equal.” Instead, it refers to what the court views as a fair and just division of assets. Rather unsurprisingly, both spouses very often feel as though the court’s decision was unfair, and that they did not receive the number of assets of which they were truly entitled.

What’s more, the litigation process is very often time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining–and sometimes even downright hostile. As you can imagine, many couples seek to avoid the pitfalls of litigation. Fortunately, in certain cases, you may. If you believe that despite your disagreements, you and your spouse could potentially reach a compromise preferable to a court-based decision, there are other options on the table. If this sounds like something that appeals to you, please read on to learn more about divorce mediation.

What does a divorce mediator do?

A divorce mediator is an unbiased third-party who both you and your spouse appoint together. The main purpose of a divorce mediator is to facilitate a civilized discussion between you and your spouse regarding the terms of your divorce. The mediator will give both spouses a chance to say their piece, and from here, the mediator will begin working to craft a fair compromise. If all goes as planned, you will have achieved a fair compromise in your eyes, and not the eyes of the court.

The end result is that both spouses feel as though their voice was heard. The outcome of a divorce, though never perfect, is far more easy to accept when you know you had a hand in deciding it. Additionally, if you have children, they may also benefit from a mediation session outside of a hostile courtroom setting. They do not want to see their parents fight, and by choosing mediation, you demonstrate the power of teamwork and cooperation.

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