Can child custody arrangements be modified?

Upon divorce, many couples will have to make arrangements for their children. Since families will be split, parents will need to make a schedule for their children. This can greatly affect the children and their well-being after the divorce. Once divorces occur, parents may be concerned about how the child is reacting to it. Whether the spouses enter into a contested or uncontested divorce, they will have a decision for the child custody arrangements. Child custody arrangements are made for the benefit of the children. If these decisions are made in court, a judge will consider many factors to decide on custody arrangements that can maintain healthy relationships with the children. Children will want to spend time with their parents and parents feel the same way. However, as life goes on, circumstances can change. When these circumstances change, spouses are able to file a motion to revisit the original custody arrangement in order to make changes to it.

What reasons can cause a change?

When child custody arrangements are first made, spouses may be unsure about their future plans that are separate from their partner. They are off on their own now and may have more opportunities presented to them. Sometimes spouses may accept a new job. This may require them to move from one home to another place. When this occurs, child custody arrangements may need to be modified. If the situation is not working well with the custody arrangement, spouses may request a change. If one spouse is never on time or does not cooperate with the original arrangement, the opposing spouse may wish to file a motion with a court to present their case. Although changes do not always have to be made due to a hostile temperament between the parents, sometimes this is the main reason for changes to be sparked. Parents may need to better fit their schedules. This can lead to a change in the arrangement. If one parent has switched jobs where they now have different working hours, this may cause them to request a change. In court, these changes can be considered for the case. This may result in a change or a judge can deny one if they see fit.

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