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Experienced mediation services in Union County

Sometimes litigation is not the right solution for your family. The mediation process consists of the two parties sitting down with a family law mediator (with or without attorneys present) to resolve the outstanding issues amicably and without the need for litigation. Private mediation is different from court-ordered mediation, in that the parties choose to engage in the process. Mediators help you work towards a resolution of any and all aspects of your case. A mediator cannot make decisions for you or order either of the parties to accept terms. The mediation process belongs to the parties. The role of the mediator is to help the parties move towards a settlement. The attorneys at Ross & Calandrillo, LLC are equipped to handle all angles of the mediation process. Our attorneys are qualified mediators pursuant to the New Jersey Rules of Court and have engaged in extensive court-approved mediation training. This training coupled with years of family law experience makes our attorneys the right choice for your private mediation needs. For a consultation to discuss the mediation process and how our firm can help, contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC.

What is mediation?

Unfortunately, too many divorcing couples find themselves in drawn-out, emotionally-driven court cases. Excessive costs, exorbitant time spent, and a significant impact on the family are just some of the reasons people look for alternatives to litigation. Fortunately, mediation is available for those who wish to avoid the pitfalls of court. Mediation is exponentially growing in popularity amongst divorcing people across the United States.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Most divorces in New Jersey are resolved through some type of alternative dispute resolution. The most popular method is through mediation. When a couple can avoid court battles, everyone benefits, especially the children. With so much at stake, it is important to consider every option to lessen the impact of divorce on you and your family.