Union County Adoption Attorneys

Representing New Jersey families through the adoption process

Adoption is a selfless, wonderful act. There are many forms of adoption available that fall outside the traditional sense of the word, but all of them are just as loving and compassionate as the next. Aside from the traditional version of adoption where a family opens their lives to a child in need, there are adoptions fit for guardians that want to formalize long-lasting relationships with a child or sometimes, even an adult. Ross & Calandrillo, LLC appreciates the motivation and love it takes to take that step and we are here to help families grow. Most traditional adoptions come with countless hoops to jump through, including mountains of documents, including forms and disclosures, home visits, and more. Other adoptions may be simpler processes, but they too deserve the attention of a knowledgeable NJ adoption attorney. If you need a compassionate and effective legal team, contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC for a consultation to discuss your family’s goals and future.

Traditional NJ adoptions

When people think about the word adoption, the traditional process is often on their minds. They imagine a family taking in a young child. While adoption is not limited to the traditional version, our firm is honored to help families who are ready to open their homes and hearts. Some of the options available to families who are interested in adoption include:

  • Domestic adoption
  • International adoption
  • Private adoption

Adoption is a document-heavy, invasive process and those who enter it need legal support. Each option comes with its own set of obstacles and requirements. Your family may be subject to a multitude of probes into your home life and your past. Though it is completely reasonable for agencies to do so, these assessments deserve the attention of an experienced adoption attorney and we are ready to work for you.

Family adoptions

The term family can be complicated. What constitutes a nuclear family structure differs from person to person. When parents divorce, stepparents can take a significant role in a child’s life. When parents are not able to care for their children, other family members may step in to be the primary caretaker and act as the parent the child deserves. Some of the many family members that may wish to formalize their relationship with the child can include stepparents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Whether these people are adopting a child or adult, our firm is ready to help.

Contact an experienced NJ adoption attorney

If adoption is something you are interested in, it is important to have quality legal support on your side. Ross & Calandrillo, LLC understands how important these goals are and we are honored to be a legal resource for families across the state. When you are diving into a complicated process like adoption, experience matters. For effective legal services from a law firm with years of success protecting the rights of families through the process, contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC.