Why should I consider a prenuptial agreement?

Getting married is often one of, if not the most exciting times in a person’s life. Though the excitement leading up to the wedding and the marriage can be a very busy time, it is important to think about protecting your assets. Understandably, the last thing a person about to get married wants to think about is the possibility of divorce. However, it is something that over fifty percent of couples face in this day and age.

One way that an individual can protect themselves in case of divorce is through a prenuptial agreement. The stigma that surrounds prenuptial agreements is an unfortunate one, often claiming that these agreements are only for the insanely wealthy and those who aren’t in the marriage for the right reasons. However, a prenuptial agreement can save you from the unnecessary stress of trying to divide assets in the event your marriage ends in divorce.

A prenuptial agreement can allow a couple to make decisions about the division of assets, spousal support, and other financial matters prior to the beginning of the marriage. It must be signed before the marriage begins and needs to be fair to both parties. In addition, these agreements cannot have any provisions related to any current or future children that the couple has. If you need help creating a prenuptial agreement, contact our firm today.

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