Determining Alimony in Union County, New Jersey

When a couple makes the decision to get divorced in New Jersey, they are often faced with a number of different issues that must be addressed and resolved before the divorce can be finalized and both parties can go their separate ways once and for all. One such factor that is often contested is spousal support, which is also referred to as alimony. There are four different types of alimony that the court may consider depending on the needs of the couple. However, it is important to note that in a lot of divorces, alimony is unnecessary because both parties are financially independent. Often, a spouse feels as though they should not be obligated to provide financial support for the other spouse and the matter is contested.

When trying to resolve the issue of alimony in New Jersey, the court will take the following fourteen factors into consideration:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living that was established throughout the marriage
  • The need and ability of each party to pay spousal support
  • The age and health of each party
  • The earning potential and employability of each party
  • The length of time the supported spouse was out of the job market
  • The parental responsibility each party will have for the children, if any
  • The expense necessary that a spouse will endure re-entering the workforce
  • Financial and non-financial contributions of each spouse during the marriage
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Available income of each party
  • Tax consequences that alimony would have
  • The amount and length of the pendente lite support
  • All other factors that may be relevant

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