What is Divorce Mediation and What are the Benefits?

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce. Couples often choose mediation in lieu of a litigated divorces because they usually require less time, money, and energy. Through divorce mediation, spouses can negotiate their own terms to their divorce. This can be an attractive characteristic because couples tend to like to remain in control rather than allowing a judge to determine their future. A mediated divorce can also be beneficial for those divorcing spouses who are amicable and have a basic idea of how to end their marriage. However, because marital issues are never easy, spouses seek the help from a neutral third party to resolve more sensitive issues.

What Happens in a Divorce Mediation?

Spouses can select a mediator together or they can have help from their attorneys. Regardless of how the spouses choose, the mediator should be a neutral third-party.  The mediator serves as a non-biased third-party that can help convey each spouse’s needs.  To make mediation work, though, the divorcing spouses should be ready to disclose all relevant information.

Mediation should be non-confrontational.  Divorces are naturally emotional processes. Since spouses can get caught up in their emotions and even shoot from the hip at times,  a mediator can help prevent this. The couple can relay their terms via the mediator which can help avoid miscommunication.

What are Some Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Mediation has many benefits, which can include:

  • Divorce mediation is affordable in comparison to a litigated divorce.
  • Mediation does not take as much time as a litigated divorce, often completing in just a few sessions.
  • Mediation occurs in a non-confrontational setting, which can help a couple feel comfortable discussing their issues.
  • Spouse participation can lead to better compliance because they are making their own terms to the divorce.

If you are considering divorce, you should consult with a divorce attorney. An experienced divorce attorney can help guide you through the process and help you understand your rights in divorce.

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