Modification and enforcement

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Representing clients through modifications and enforcement actions

When a divorce or family law matter concludes, the parties involved hope that the matter is put to rest and they can move on with their lives. When a court passes judgment, it is binding and parties are expected to yield to the order. In some situations, an individual’s circumstances change and the need to request a modification is critical. Other times, one party wantonly chooses to ignore the order, leading the other party to request intervention in the form of an enforcement order. When faced with the need to employ post-judgment actions like a request for modification or enforcement, it is important to consult with an effective and experienced legal team. Ross & Calandrillo, LLC is a skillful law firm serving clients in Union County and across New Jersey with quality legal services regarding post-judgment actions. If you need our help, please contact our firm for a consultation.

Post-judgment modifications

Post-judgment modifications are for individuals who face an unforeseen and overwhelming change in circumstance. A judge can only decide on matters with the present facts of the case. They do their best to pass judgment in a fair and just manner, but they cannot see into the future. When a person requests a modification to a court order, it must be for good reason. For a court to grant a modification, the change must be significant. Some of the reasons a person may choose to request a modification for spousal support includes a loss of employment, changing wages, and illness, just to name a few. Child custody may be modified based on many issues, including, but not limited to an employment change, medical issues, and a negative change in school performance. Child support modification can be requested for many reasons as well. When requesting a modification or objecting a request from another party, it is important to have quality legal support and Ross & Calandrillo, LLC is the firm to call.

Post-judgment enforcement

When a court passes judgment on a divorce, the order is binding. Both parties have a legal obligation to follow the directions of the court or face consequences. When one party ignores the court’s decision, legal action can be taken to request the court’s intervention. In order to accomplish this, you may need to file a Post-Judgment Motion to enforce your rights regarding the matter at hand. The court has options as to how it can handle it, including holding the party in contempt of court. When you need legal support to protect your rights after a divorce, it is important to consult with an effective legal team. Contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC for your consultation today.

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