Benefits of mediation

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Guiding couples towards an amicable conclusion

Most divorces in New Jersey are resolved through some type of alternative dispute resolution. The most popular method is through mediation. When a couple can avoid court battles, everyone benefits, especially the children. A couple can save time, money, and the emotional turmoil of litigation if they can set aside their anger and negotiate terms. No divorce is painless, but mediation can be a good first step to a manageable and bearable conclusion. With so much at stake, it is important to consider every option to lessen the impact of divorce on you and your family. If you are interested in finding out more about how mediation can be beneficial, contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC for a consultation.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Avoiding litigation can greatly benefit a divorcing couple and their family. Mediation provides more control to the couple. The process is confidential and voluntary. It is also quicker and more cost-efficient than litigation. Possibly the greatest benefit is the model for resolving disputes put forth by parents to their children. With so many benefits, it is no wonder the court system would rather see people engage in mediation than hear contested cases.

Mediation provides control

One significant benefit to mediation is the control a couple retains over their future. When people have control over the future of marital issues, the conclusion is often easier to bear. When a court decides the fate of contested issues, the judgment may feel arbitrary and unjust to one or both parties. Working through the issues outside of court, a couple can come to an agreement over marital issues, including property division, alimony, child support, and child custody and do so with a conclusion that feels right.

Mediation is confidential

The success of mediation is based on mutual respect and confidentiality. These are private negotiations. Nothing can leave the room unless agreed by the couple in writing. Statements and communications may not be used in other forums. This allows for a more open and honest discussion without the fear of one’s words being used against them in court down the line.

Mediation is a faster process

Mediation is much faster than litigation. The process can begin within a few days of the initial meeting and can conclude within a month to a few months after beginning. The most important factor that determines the length of mediation is the number of issues that need to be addressed. Often, a couple will wait longer for the Final Judgment of Divorce than the time it takes to resolve their matter and draft a Separation Agreement.

Mediation is cheaper

Mediation saves the couple and the court a lot of money. Contested court cases are expensive. As they drag on, attorney fees and court fees grow. The more complicated the divorce issues, the more money it takes to come to the same conclusion as mediation. Discovery alone is a time-consuming, invasive process that costs the couple exorbitant amounts of legal fees because of the time spent by attorneys to do their jobs.

Mediation is voluntary

Mediation is voluntary, which means that when a couple decides to go this route, they are more willing to work together to resolve issues. They have already decided that the best course is to avoid litigation and the emotional turmoil of court. When a couple decides that mediation is in their best interests, they are more likely to give in to the process and treat each other with the respect needed to make it a success.

Mediation benefits the family

An often understated benefit to mediation is the way it lessens the impact of the divorce on the family. There is no denying that divorce is painful and will ultimately affect the children involved. Through mediation, parents can demonstration a healthy model for resolving disputes while forging a new relationship built on mutual respect and future cooperation, helping greatly when it comes to sharing their time with the children. Making mediation a success is beneficial to the whole family.

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Ross & Calandrillo, LLC is an established mediation law firm helping couples come to an amicable conclusion to their divorce matters. It is important to consider mediation as a viable alternative to litigation. You and your family can greatly benefit from the process. For more information or to retain our mediation services, contact Ross & Calandrillo, LLC today.