Divorcing a Spouse Who Lives in a Different State

When getting a divorce, several different factors come into play. Divorces are complex, both legally, financially, and emotionally. If you are seeking a divorce and your spouse lives in another state, however, you may be worrying whether your divorce will become even more challenging. Fortunately, with a bit of self-education and the help of an experienced attorney, divorce does not have to be so complicated. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the divorce process going forward:

What are the divorce residency requirements in New Jersey?

Before a divorce commences, New Jersey judges must first establish “jurisdiction.” The term jurisdiction, in this case, refers to the fact that a residency requirement must be fulfilled before the divorce can proceed. The residency requirement in New Jersey is simply that one or both spouses must have lived in New Jersey for longer than one year for a court to take their divorce case. Once jurisdiction is established, you are free to begin your divorce. Do not wait. Speak with an experienced attorney to see what he or she can do for you.

Can divorce mediation help?

Divorce mediation is a fantastic tool for couples who believe they can make a compromise. Rather than enter the litigation process and risk losing some of your most important assets, you can hire a divorce mediator, who is a neutral third party with the goal of facilitating honest conversation between you and your spouse. If at some point, you are able to strike a compromise that is fair and just for both parties, you can settle the terms of your divorce right then and there, outside of the courtroom setting. T

his is the ideal situation, as it saves you both time and money, and it sets a good example for your children. If you believe a divorce mediator can help you, do not hesitate to reach out to our compassionate New Jersey firm.

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