Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

One of the unfortunate realities of a divorce for couples that have children is that they will have to create a custody agreement. In most cases, the parents will share custody and will only get to see their child, at most, half as much as they used to. This can, of course, be devastating for parents to learn. When parents cannot agree on custody in New Jersey, they may need the court to decide on their behalf.

When a court awards joint custody, both parents will have the opportunity to care for the child, despite it being for less time than it was prior to the divorce. Due to the fact that a 50/50 custody split is very difficult to arrange, one parent will usually have more parenting time than the other.

In rare situations, the court may decide that one of the parents is “not fit” to care for the child and may expose them to dangerous situations. Of course, the court believes that children should have the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with both of their parents, so the court may issue visitation rights to the parent who does not have custody. Depending on the situation, the visits may have to be supervised.

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