Mediation Benefits in NJ

There are several different types of divorce that people in New Jersey might want to consider if they aren’t sure which option may work best for their situation. One increasingly popular form of divorce is divorce through mediation. Mediated divorces have a wide variety of benefits that have led many people to choose this option.

Some of the benefits of mediation that divorcing couples can appreciate include the following:

  • Mediated divorces typically take less time than litigated divorces because they do not need to be scheduled around court dates. Typically, the length of mediated divorces depends upon how long the couple needs to work through contested issues
  • Mediated divorces are often less expensive than litigated divorces because they do not require court fees
  • Mediated divorces allow the couple to make decisions for themselves as opposed to having a judge make these decisions on their behalf.
  • Mediated divorces can allow both parties to open lines of communication that may not have existed prior to the divorce. Often, the couple may be able to walk away from the divorce with a better relationship than they started it with, which can be beneficial especially for divorcing couples with children.

Of course, mediated divorces aren’t for everybody. It is best to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney.

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