Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

Most of the time, couples who go through a divorce in New Jersey just want to move past this chapter and on with their new lives. Once the divorce is finalized in the eyes of the court, the judgments are legally binding and everyone involved is obligated to follow the order. The judgment is created and passed based on the circumstances that exist during the proceedings. Of course, neither the court nor the parties involved have the ability to know what changes may occur in their situation months or years down the road.

When circumstances do change significantly, the affected party may wonder whether they are permitted to make changes to the original court order. In some cases, they are able to do so depending on whether the court agrees that the changes are warranted and necessary. The standard that must be met for the court to grant a modification to an order is that the change in circumstances is significant, permanent, and necessary.

Some of the reasons that an individual may request a modification include a positive or negative change in income, a health issue, loss of employment, among others. Typically, individuals are trying to make changes to child support, child custody, visitation, or spousal support.

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