Union County Divorce Mediation

When a couple is headed towards divorce in New Jersey, they have a lot to consider. First, the couple will have to determine which type of divorce they want to pursue. One of the increasingly popular options for divorce is the process of mediation. When a couple wants to avoid the pitfalls of a litigated divorce, mediation is a great option. There are many different benefits to having a mediated divorce. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • The couple can avoid getting divorced in the courtroom
  • Mediated divorces often take less time than litigated divorces
  • Mediated divorces are often less expensive than other forms of divorce because the couple does not have to pay court fees and other legal fees
  • The couple has a lot more control over their divorce when choosing mediation because they get to make the decisions instead of having a judge decide for them
  • Mediation often benefits the entire family because it requires the couple to use their communication skills and work together to come to a resolution
  • The couple is often more willing to work together and cooperate with one another
  • Many couples feel that they are able to walk away with more closure during mediation than they are in other divorce options

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