Violation Petitions in New Jersey

There are a lot of situations where families and former spouses find themselves in New Jersey’s family court system because they cannot agree on the matters at hand. As a result, the court will often have to make a decision on their behalf. Once a judgment is passed, all parties involved are legally obligated to abide by the provisions of the order. If one of the parties fails to follow the court’s ruling, they will be subject to significant consequences.

The individual who is following the court order may be frustrated that the other party is not. If they make several attempts to request that the order is followed and the other party still does not listen, it may be time to request the court’s intervention. A litigant may file a motion known as the Order Enforcing Litigant’s Rights in an effort to request help from the court.

If the court intervenes in an effort to enforce the order and the other party still fails to abide by it, they can find themselves in serious legal trouble. The judge must find evidence that the party is willfully violating the court order. If this continues, they can be held in contempt of court.

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