What is the difference between sole and joint custody?

When a couple makes the decision to get divorced, there are a wide range of factors that must be handled before the divorce can be finalized. When the divorcing couple has children together, they will be required to come up with a custody agreement to determine who the children will live with most of the time.

People that are discussing custody of their children often need to decide what type of custody is appropriate in their matter. Most parties will have joint custody of their children in some fashion. They will share either decision making or some type of residential custody of their children so that each parent gets to continue to have a role in their child’s life.

Sole custody, by contrast, is a situation where one parent may need to take the lead in the decision-making for their child, whether the other parent is away, is not capable of making a decision, or is just not available to be in their child’s life on a daily basis; then sole custody might be the appropriate thing for the court to consider for your child. Above all, what the court is interested in doing is what is in the best interest of your child. We are happy to assist you in determining how to best present your case to the court.

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