Who should consider a prenuptial agreement in New Jersey?

Marriage is a wonderful thing and it is always exciting when a couple decides to take that next step. The unfortunate reality is that even though New Jersey has the fourth lowest divorce rate in the United States, a significant percentage of all marriages do result in divorce. Prenuptial agreements have an unfortunate stigma against them. People have a tendency to think that these agreements are a sentence for divorce. However, this is not the case at all.

When a couple gets engaged, they should consider a prenuptial agreement despite the stigmas. A prenuptial agreement can allow the couple to protect everything they have worked so hard for. These agreements are not only for people who have a lot of wealth. Anyone with any assets should be sure to protect themselves because they can lose it all in a divorce. Prenuptial agreements can protect inheritances, real estate, personal belongings, and other assets. These agreements are only allowed to include information regarding finances, such as property division, retirement plans, alimony, and more. They cannot include any language regarding children, such as child support or custody matters.

If a couple does get divorced, they will be able to handle matters more quickly. If you have questions or concerns about drafting a prenuptial agreement in New Jersey, contact us today.

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