Preparing for a Divorce in the State of New Jersey

If you are considering filing for divorce, you probably have a lot on your mind. Divorce can be a very demanding process, so there are several things you should know before you begin. Below, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the divorce process to help inform you of your options.

What is the first step of the divorce process?ย 

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, do not worry–this is completely normal. Nobody enjoys going through the motions, and you may find it a physically and emotionally taxing experience. This is why before getting started, you must be ready for the document-heavy process to follow. Once you are sure you are emotionally prepared, then you should hire an attorney so you can tackle the process head-on, together.ย 

What documents will I need to get a divorce?

When filing for divorce, both you and your spouse must turn over various financial documents and statements. This is so the court can clearly define how your marriage functions financially when it comes time to divvy your assets. Here is just some of the paperwork you may be asked to provide: W-2 forms, bank statements, credit card statements, pay stubs, savings bonds, recent appraisals of real estate, documentation of medical, eye and dental insurance costs, a list of all vehicles, including recreational vehicles and boats, real property deeds and more. Before filing for divorce, it is crucial you carefully calculate and determine your own financial situation as well. If you plan on moving out or living alone, you will need to know exactly how much your regular expenses, such as rent or groceries, will cost you.

Are there different means of divorce?

Yes, there are. There are three primary routes you may take, and it is important you consider all three before making your decision, as every divorce is unique. You may come to the terms of your divorce through litigation, arbitration or mediation. Generally, in most cases, it is best to avoid the litigation process if at all possible. Through arbitration and mediation, those seeking a divorce hire unbiased, impartial third parties to help the couple decide the terms of their divorce on their own, in a civilized and neutral environment. Many couples find that in doing so, they not only save time and money, but they also experience less of the emotional stress that often comes along with the litigation process. The more civil you, your spouse, and your children remain, the better off you will be. Remember, your children also feel the impact of your decision, so it is important you consider and respect their feelings and emotions as well.

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