Can I reduce alimony payments?

Many clients who have gone through a divorce have been issued an alimony order that requires them to make payments to their former spouse. Some people who are paying alimony want to know what they can do to reduce the amount of alimony that they’re paying. The answer to that is that you can either try to work it out with your ex-spouse, to see whether he or she will agree to accept less alimony and then put that into some sort of consent order, or you can go to court and file an application with the court, and let the court know that you believe you should be paying less alimony.

However, if you do that, it is important that you have legitimate reasons for why you want to pay less alimony. Some of the reasons can include that there was a decrease in your income, which means that there’s a significant change in your financial circumstances, and you would have to prove to the courts that there is that significant change in your financial circumstances, and that that change is permanent in nature, meaning that it’s not a temporary decrease in your income. There are a lot of other factors that the court will look at when making a determination as to whether a decrease in your alimony is appropriate, but the first step that you can take is to consult with an attorney and file an application with the court.

If you have questions about how you can reduce your alimony payments in New Jersey, contact an experienced divorce attorney who can assist you.

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